Service policies

Privacy policies

Sarmerch Sa de Cv is committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by our valued clients. These policies are designed to ensure adequate protection of sensitive data:

  1. Purpose of Information Collection:

The information collected will be used only for the express purpose for which it was provided, whether for the provision of services, commercial transactions, or legal purposes.

  1. Scope of Confidential Information:

Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, contact details, financial information, transaction details and any other data that may directly or indirectly identify a customer.

  1. Restricted Access:

Access to confidential information is limited to authorized employees who need such information to perform their job responsibilities. Physical and digital security measures are implemented to protect unauthorized access.

  1. Confidentiality in Commercial Transactions:

The details of commercial transactions carried out between Sarmerch and its clients are considered confidential information and are treated with the utmost privacy.

  1. Non-Disclosure to Third Parties:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv undertakes not to disclose confidential information to third parties without the express consent of the client, unless required by law.

  1. Limited Internal Use:

Confidential information is used for internal company purposes only and is not shared or used for advertising purposes without the client’s consent.

  1. Digital Protection:

Digital security measures, such as encryption and firewalls, are implemented to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or cyber-attacks.

  1. Personnel Responsibility:

All Sarmerch Sa de Cv employees are properly trained to understand the importance of confidentiality and are required to sign non-disclosure agreements as part of their employment.

  1. Limited Retention:

Sensitive information is retained only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and is securely deleted when it is no longer needed.

  1. Secure Collaboration:

– In cases of collaboration with third parties or suppliers, clear confidentiality agreements will be established to guarantee the protection of client information.

These confidentiality policies reflect Sarmerch Sa de Cv’s commitment to protecting and respecting the privacy of its clients, establishing rigorous standards to guarantee the security of confidential information.

Intellectual property

Sarmerch Sa de Cv recognizes and values ​​the intellectual property of its clients. These policies are designed to ensure that any work or property created in collaboration with our clients is fully recognized and respected:

  1. Ownership of Creative Content:

All creative content, such as designs, graphics, texts, and any other materials developed during projects, will remain the exclusive property of the client.

  1. Transfer of Property Rights:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv assigns and transfers completely and without restrictions all intellectual property rights over the work performed to the client once the corresponding payment has been completed.

  1. Customer Recognition:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv recognizes that any intellectual property created in collaboration with the client will bear appropriate recognition of the client’s authorship.

  1. Limited Use by Sarmerch:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv undertakes to use the work created for the client only for the agreed purpose and not for other purposes without the client’s explicit consent.

  1. No Use without Payment:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv will not use or incorporate the work created for the client in its own or third-party projects without obtaining proper authorization and without making the corresponding payment agreements.

  1. Collaboration in Legal Protection:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv will fully collaborate with the client in the legal protection of intellectual property, providing any documentation or information necessary to support the client’s property.

  1. Information on Preexisting Intellectual Property:

The client will inform Sarmerch Sa de Cv of any pre-existing intellectual property used in the development of the project, and Sarmerch will respect the corresponding rights.

  1. Respect for Confidentiality:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of any intellectual property and sensitive data related to client projects.

  1. Collaboration in Records and Documentation:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv will provide the necessary collaboration to facilitate any intellectual property registration or legal documentation required by the client.

  1. Legal Compliance:

– Sarmerch Sa de Cv is committed to complying with all applicable intellectual property laws and regulations, both nationally and internationally.

These policies reflect Sarmerch Sa de Cv’s commitment to fully recognize and respect the intellectual property of its clients, establishing a clear framework for creative collaboration and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Work schedules and modalities

At Sarmerch Sa de Cv, the remote work modality for digital consulting has been designed to optimize efficiency, collaboration, and compliance with client objectives. This approach reflects our commitment to quality and adaptability. Here are the key elements of our remote work modality:

  1. Virtual Communication:

We use online communication platforms to maintain open and continuous communication with our clients. This includes virtual meetings, emails, and instant messaging channels to ensure seamless interaction.

  1. Collaborative Tools:

We use collaborative tools in the cloud to share documents, reports and any necessary resources securely and efficiently. This facilitates real-time collaboration and shared access to relevant information.

  1. Secure Data Access:

We implement robust security measures to ensure the protection of customer data during remote work. We use secure connections and encryption to protect the confidentiality of information.

  1. Flexibility of Schedules:

We offer flexibility in work schedules to adapt to the needs of our clients in different time zones. This enables effective collaboration regardless of geographic location.

  1. Reports and Virtual Monitoring:

We provide regular progress reports and virtual tracking of milestones achieved. This ensures transparency and keeps our clients informed about the status and results of the consulting.

  1. Scheduled Strategic Meetings:

We schedule regular strategy meetings to review goals, address challenges, and adjust strategy as necessary. These meetings are essential to maintaining consistent alignment with the client’s objectives.

  1. Remote Training and Support:

We offer remote training and support to ensure that the client’s internal teams are fully equipped to implement and maintain the strategies and solutions proposed during the consultancy.

  1. Continuous Performance Evaluation:

We implement a continuous performance evaluation process that allows us to adjust the strategy according to changing market needs and client objectives.

  1. Efficient Collaboration with Project Management Tools:

We use advanced project management tools to ensure efficient collaboration and effective monitoring of project progress.

  1. Remote Experience Evaluation:

– We collect continuous feedback on the remote experience to improve and optimize our remote work practices.

This modality of remote work in digital consulting at Sarmerch Sa de Cv has been designed to offer exceptional results, promote effective collaboration, and guarantee client satisfaction, regardless of geographic location.

Social responsability

Sarmerch Sa de Cv recognizes its social responsibility and is committed to contributing positively to the well-being of society and sustainable development. These policies reflect our commitment to corporate social responsibility:

  1. Ethics and Business Conduct:

We promote high ethical standards and business conduct in all our operations. We reject corruption and act with integrity in all business interactions.

  1. Environmental Impact:

We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We implement sustainable practices, reduce waste, and promote energy efficiency in all our operations.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion:

We foster a diverse and inclusive environment where the contribution of everyone is valued. We do not tolerate discrimination and promote equal opportunities for all employees.

  1. Contribution to the Community:

We actively participate in community initiatives. We support local projects, charities and activities that improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

  1. Human Rights:

We respect and support human rights in all our operations and in our supply chains. We do not tolerate practices that violate people’s fundamental rights.

  1. Transparency and Disclosure:

We practice transparency in all our operations. We openly disclose relevant information about our environmental, social, and corporate performance.

  1. Employee Development:

We are committed to developing and supporting our employees. We offer training and professional growth opportunities to improve skills and overall well-being.

  1. Fair Labor Policies:

We maintain fair and safe labor policies. We comply with labor laws and offer working conditions that respect the dignity and well-being of our employees.

  1. Emphasis on Sustainable Innovation:

We promote sustainable innovation in our products and services. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and minimize our impact on the environment.

  1. Collaboration with Interested Parties:

– We encourage open collaboration with all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and society at large, to effectively address social and environmental challenges.

  1. Evaluation and Continuous Improvement:

– We implement a continuous evaluation system of our social responsibility practices. We are committed to constantly improving and adjusting our policies according to the changing needs of society.

These social responsibility policies reflect Sarmerch Sa de Cv’s dedication to being a positive agent of change and contributing to social and environmental well-being in all our operations.

Ethics and conduct policies

No Refund Policy at Sarmerch Sa de Cv

At Sarmerch Sa de Cv, we understand the importance of establishing clear and transparent policies. Our non-refund policy is presented below:

  1. Non-refundable Products and Services:

All products and services offered by Sarmerch Sa de Cv are considered non-refundable, unless otherwise explicitly stated in a contractual agreement.

  1. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

Despite our no refund policy, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We will work diligently to resolve any issues or concerns that may arise with our products or services.

  1. Cancellations of Ongoing Services:

For ongoing services, such as monthly subscriptions, the customer can cancel the service before the next billing to avoid additional charges. However, no refunds will be made for service time already used.

  1. Specific Refund Requirements:

In exceptional situations, such as billing errors or technical problems attributable to Sarmerch Sa de Cv, we will consider refunds on a case-by-case basis. Customer must contact our customer service team to begin the review process.

  1. Custom or Downloadable Products:

Customized or downloadable products are not eligible for refunds as they involve customer-specific work or delivery of content.

  1. Procedure for Disputes:

In the event of disputes or disagreements, we encourage customers to contact our customer support team before taking further action. We are committed to finding satisfactory solutions wherever possible.

  1. Policy Changes:

Sarmerch Sa de Cv reserves the right to make changes to this non-refund policy at any time. Changes will come into effect once posted on our website or other communication channels.

By accepting our products or services, the customer acknowledges and accepts this no refund policy. This policy is established with the objective of maintaining a transparent and fair relationship with our clients.